Can things go wrong?

Each possible treatment has potential risks and possible complications that need to be considered along with the potential benefits of treatment.

Complications are fortunately quite rare in hand and wrist surgery. However they still can occur.

Complications of hand surgery include pain, stiffness, complex regional pain syndrome, infection, nerve injury, neuroma formation in scars, scar pain, tendon injury, vascular injury, worsening of symptoms, residual symptoms and joint instability, haematoma or worsening of original symptoms.

In operations where there is metalwork involved additional possible complications of surgery may include non-union, malunion and hardware problems.

The close post operative attention that you will receive from the nurses, hand therapist and Mr Sorene would hopefully identify and problems early so that they can be rectified. You are free to call Mr Sorene at any time through the main hospital telephone for genuine emergency problems. Calls of a non urgent nature should be made during office hours with one of the secretaries.