Thumb Base Replacement

Mr Sorene was the first Surgeon in the UK to undertake a new cutting-edge joint replacement for thumb base arthritis.

This trapezio-metacarpal total joint replacement enables a quicker and less painful recovery with excellent results.

Painless movement of the thumb at only 2 weeks after surgery can be viewed in the video.

Read our frequently asked questions section below for more information.


When do I know if I need a prosthesis?

This decision is dependent on symptoms (persistent pain after non operative treatment) and X-rays which help show if a prosthesis is appropriate.

Why does a surgeon decide to put a prosthesis rather than performing a trapeziectomy?

The prosthesis allows for a better recovery in both pinch and grip strength. It corrects the distortion of the thumb by restoring length and correcting malalignment; furthermore, pain relief is more quickly obtained.

When could I resume my manual activities?

It depends on the type of activity. In the majority of cases, 3 weeks is enough to resume the basic manual activities, such as the use of a computer keyboard.

Will the prosthesis need to be changed in time?

In case of complication, a change of prosthesis or a trapeziectomy remains possible.

Will I have pain after the intervention?

This surgery is not considered as painful, as local anaesthetic is often used to minimise postoperative pain and you may take analgesics and/or anti-inflammatories as tolerated.

Are follow-up visits necessary?

Yes, for the long-term follow-up of the prosthesis.

May I travel after the intervention?

Yes, although it may be reasonable to take your x-rays showing the prosthesis with you (for example photos on your mobile).