What is Xiapex?

Mr Sorene undertakes a new non-surgical treatment for Dupuytren’s disease using a medication called Xiapex.

This is an injection that dissolves the Dupuytren’s cords often followed by a gentle manipulation that straightens deformed fingers.

Mr Sorene was the first Hand Surgeon in London to undertake this procedure.

Artist rendering of XIAPEX action on the injected cord.

Artist rendering of XIAPEX action on the injected cord.

How does Xiapex work?

XIAPEX contains a mixture of enzymes that are injected directly into a Dupuytren’s cord. These enzymes help break down collagen, one of the main components of the Dupuytren’s cord. XIAPEX helps break the cord, which can help straighten the finger.



Please be aware that these are idealised representations. Also the Xiapex is a foreign protein and many patients have swelling, bruising and other side effects although these settle quickly in the vast majority of patients.There are possible serious side effects such as tendon, ligament and nerve injury or allergic reaction.

Case 1

Right ring finger severe contracture before injection
Same right ring finger 24 hours after injection
Immediately after Manipulation with a full correction achieved

Case 2 – Finger Involvement

Case 3

Case 4

Case 5

  • I would like to thank Mr Sorene for a wonderful result on my middle finger on my right hand, which had what was described as extremely severe contracture. A 100% correction has been achieved and 7 days after receiving the Xiapex treatment I have full function back and little evidence that I ever had Dupuytrens in my right hand at all. I managed to see Mr Sorene whilst in London seeing the Olympics, a gold medal is deserved at least. The follow up at the Alexandra hospital in Manchester with his recommended hand therapist Rachel Delaney, was also fantastic, she described the result as amazing. I look forward to returning to London to treat my left hand.' Mr Sorene not only do you have the 'X' factor you have the 'wow' factor also. Can you imagine my delight on 21/10/15 when I looked at my finger - 90 degrees to 180 degrees flat. A miracle. After fourteen days I felt confident to drive my car, put my contact lenses in without poking my eye out and shake hands without the fear of pain. Words cannot express my deepest thanks and emotions. Kindest regards. CN

    CN - Patient
  • Dear Mr Sorene It has been just 6 weeks since the injection in my right hand for Dupuytren's contractures. I just wanted to let you know that the recovery and the outcome has turned out much better than I hoped for before the procedure. Not only do I now have a straight finger, it is pain free and the bruising and swelling has completely healed. Overall therefore I am delighted with the outcome and wanted to thank you personally for such an excellent and efficient approach and your skilled treatment throughout. I know where to come if it happens again-which is hopefully some years away! with my best wishes DP

    DP - Patient

Useful Links

Click here for an interview with a Dupuytren’s / Xiapex specialist – Dr Elliot Sorene.

Very early Dupuytren’s disease without symptomatic contractures may be treated by radiotherapy.

Please click here for Dr Richard Shaffer’s website – expert in Radiotherapy for Dupuytren’s Disease.

Can things go wrong with Xiapex treatment?

Xiapex treatment has potential risks and possible complications that need to be considered along with the potential benefits of this method of treatment. Just as Dupuytren’s surgery has possible significant complications so does Xiapex treatment.

Complications are fortunately quite rare in Xiapex treatment. However they still can occur.

Complications of Xiapex treatment include pain, stiffness, complex regional pain syndrome, infection, nerve injury, neuroma formation, Significant skin tears, Pyogenic granuloma formation, scar pain, tendon injury or complete tendon rupture, vascular injury, worsening of symptoms, residual symptoms and joint instability, haematoma or worsening of original symptoms. Recurrence rate after Xiapex treatment stands at approximately 30% recurrence at 5 years identical to after Dupuytren’s corrective surgery.

Major allergic reactions have been reported after Xiapex treatment similar to after other medications and injections.